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Parking Near Your Vacation Home is Free 24/7

When staying at a hotel, many times you incur in various fees for different things. One of the most popular fees being for parking onsite. But, by staying at a Casiola vacation home, you either get to park right on your private driveway for free, or very close to your home with no charge whatsoever. When you come to the end of your stay, rest assured you will not get a receipt full of day by day charges just to park your car. That is one of the many advantages of staying at our vacation homes, versus a hotel.

Book with us today, and park hassle free during your entire stay!

Erica – Owner Relationship Manager

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The perfect parking spot is free!

Imagine this, you’ve had an action packed, but very productive long day at the convention center, and now you go back to your private, spacious, beautiful Casiola vacation home, and park right on your very own driveway.

Take just a few steps from your car, and walk right into your clean home, ready to relax the night away. Best part, you parked on your own property, for free! No fees, no surprises.

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