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Explore The Island of Aruba In an Off-road Jeep Tour

What's going on in Aruba?
You are Aruba’s most celebrated explorer, so it’s time to explore the island! While enjoying one of Casiola Aruba’s private escapes, the hidden treasures of this tropical island are waiting for you, and all you need is a Jeep. Don’t have one? Take a Jeep tour and drive by the pristine beaches, lush vegetation, astonishing rock formations, and incredible diversity of wildlife. Aruba is perfect for an off-road excursion. Here are some of the most thrilling Jeep tours to take while in Aruba:

Natural pool safari

17 De Palm Tours Aruba UTV Natural Pool Natural Pool
Picture source: De Palm Tours Aruba

For those who want a brief escape from the crowds but still want to take in the stunning beauty of Aruba’s spectacular shoreline, the Natural Pool Safari is the perfect option.

A trip on the Natural Pool Safari will take you over the stunning island’s rough terrain. You’ll get to swim and snorkel in the Natural Pool, which is the most excellent part of this vacation. In an island area where swimming would ordinarily be impossible, a volcanic rock formation has been used to construct a calm pool. Corals and fish of all shapes and sizes may be seen when snorkeling.

Enjoying beautiful views all around you:

  • Baby Natural Bridge and ruins
  • Natural Pool
  • Alto Vista Chapel

Baby beach jeep tour

Baby Beach Off Road Safari Beach

The Baby Beach jeep tour is one of the most popular off-road experiences. This tour includes lunch and snorkel gear, allowing passengers to see some of Aruba’s most private areas and visit all popular snorkeling spots.

Explore the breathtaking views of:

  • Baby Beach
  • California Lighthouse
  • Alto Vista Chapel
  • Baby Natural Bridge and ruins
  • Black Stone Beach
  • Ayo Rock Formations
  • Glass Blowing Demo @ Studio Murano Art
  • Donkey Sanctuary

Private off-road jeep tour


Friends, families, or those who prefer privacy can enjoy a private and personalized off-road jeep tour. Create your own all-inclusive island excursion for a half or full day of outdoor enjoyment. Snorkel equipment is included in your trip for a thrilling adventure at the most beautiful local snorkel spots. Enjoy exceptional views all around you!

Choose between a half-day jeep tour or a full-day jeep tour:

Half-Day private off-road jeep tour

Tour Options:

Natural Pool

National Park

  • Visit the Natural Pool
  • Visit the Arikok Visitors Center
  • Visit the Guadirikiri Cave
  • Visit the Fontein Cave
  • Pass by Boca Prins
  • Visit Dos Playa

Hidden Gems & Flamingos

  • Visit the Ayo Rock Formations
  • Visit the Three Bridges and Black Stone Beach
  • Visit the Balashi Gold Smelter Ruins
  • Visit Mangel Halto
  • Visit De Palm Island

Family Fun

Full-Day private off-road jeep tour

Tour Options:

Coast to Coast

  • Visit the California Lighthouse
  • Visit Wariruri Beach
  • Visit Natural Bridge
  • Visit Ayo Rock Formations
  • Visit Glass Blow Demonstration at Murano Art with
  • Visit Natural Pool
  • Visit Guadirikiri Cave
  • Visit Baby Beach

Aruba is a small island in the Caribbean Sea rich in natural beauty and adventure. The Jeep tours are the most popular tourist option, begin your trip early in the morning by getting picked up from your Casiola Aruba vacation home. Fill your days with unforgettable experiences and leave the less exciting parts of vacationing to someone else!

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