Conchi Natural Pool

Conchi Natural Pool: know before you go!

What's going on in Aruba?
People often neglect the importance of exploring the natural beauty around us. The Conchi Natural Pool in Aruba is a great place to start, which is stunning and offers the perfect jump-off point for a day of exploring and adventure! Here are some things you should know before you go to Conchi Natural Pool in Aruba. Coming home to your Aruba luxury villa rental as the sun sets on another day in paradise is really just an element of Aruba’s charm.

Located on the Caribbean Coast

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Conchi Natural Pool is a charming and adventurous way to spend a day in the sun. Conchi Natural Pool seems as though it was once a natural lagoon that has been sealed off from the waves by a sandbar. It is located on the central northeastern side of Aruba, in Conchi Bay. And can be found in a lush jungle area, surrounded by trees and tall grasses, with an average water temperature of 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is Conchi Natural Pool?

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A collection of boulders has formed the Natural Pool on Aruba’s northeast coast. This peaceful swimming area is protected from the harsh sea. Around 20 feet long and 25 feet broad, the pool has an oval form that’s slightly wider than it is long.

This rock structure has two natural pools: a larger bottom one and a much smaller upper one. Despite its size, the top pool is only deep enough for a few individuals to swim at once.

How to get there

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The Natural Pool is a popular stop for travelers who want to swim and cool down after a UTV or Jeep excursion. In the Natural Pool, you may go swimming and cliff jumping at your leisure. The pool is designed mainly for swimming, with just a tiny part of the pool that you may use for standing. You may also arrive at this oasis by hike, although it is a reasonably long one.

Common Questions

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Q: How deep is it?

A: On average, the Natural Pool is around 17 feet deep; however, this varies with the tides. The pool is too deep for the average individual to stand in for most of it.

Q: Is it safe to swim?

A: Generally speaking, the Natural Pool is safe to swim in. However, tides can come over the rocks around the pool, and the rocks themselves are pretty abrasive. You can prevent most dangers if you adhere to the public’s guidelines. The Natural Pool is popular year-round, and for a good reason!

Q: Is there cliff jumping here?

A: Yes, depending on tides, there are a few spots where you may safely leap into the natural pool from a height of 5 to 15 feet above the water.

Q: Is it worth the trip?

A: Yes, the journey to the Natural Pool is well worth it. The journey itself is half the joy. Getting there is worth the effort, and the journey itself is an experience. Jumping down the little rock cliffs into the Natural Pool is a lot of fun.

The pools are very popular with locals and continue to attract visitors worldwide. Conchi Natural Pool is a charming and adventurous way to spend a day in the sun. And can be found in the central northeastern side of Aruba, Conchi Bay. Aruba is always a fascinating experience. Allow the team at Casiola Aruba to handle all of your accommodation details so you can unwind in style when you can’t wait to focus on anything other than the fun! For your next trip, book one of our various island property options today.

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