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Celebrate Easter in Aruba

What's going on in Aruba?
Easter in Aruba is all about family and traditions. If you stay at a Casiola Aruba vacation home this Easter, that will provide you with all the space and accommodations you need to gather the entire family and plenty of extras you won’t get at home to enhance your family vacation. Find the perfect place to stay for an Easter getaway. Here’s a list of things to do in Aruba for the Easter holiday.

Easter beach camping

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Picture source: aruba.com

In Aruba, Easter and Easter Monday are public holidays, and together with Good Friday, they make up a long Easter weekend. Many Arubans go to church, see their family, and participate in Easter egg hunts, but beach camping is the most popular Easter ritual!

Campamento, as they call it, is a ritual that begins the week before Easter and lasts until the week following Easter. For decades, entire families have brought their tents to Aruba’s beaches, transforming them into full campsites. Live musicians perform as well as activities like volleyball, beach tennis, and beach soccer are enjoyed during the camping season. The beaches of Eagle Beach, Hadicurari Beach, and Baby Beach, in particular, are jammed with tents and portable kitchens. Camping is, however, forbidden on the beaches in front of the hotels in Palm Beach.

If you happen to be in the area around this time, stop by any of the campsites and say hello to the locals, don’t be startled if they offer you to join them for a beer and a game of dominoes!

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Aruban Easter brunch

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Picture source: The Dutch PancakeHouse

Several Easter brunch buffets and unique Easter menus are available at various Aruban restaurants throughout the Easter season. On Easter Sunday morning, The Dutch Pancakehouse serves a delicious breakfast. This is a popular brunch spot, as seen by the line! The pancakes are huge and thin, and the menu has far too many tempting options to choose from. You may take advantage of the pleasant Aruban sun by sitting outside. Make your reservation as soon as possible because they are in high demand!

Easter opening hours

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Picture source: aruba.com

All stores and offices in Aruba are closed on Easter Sunday and Monday, however, the amenities in and surrounding the hotels are open as usual. On Easter Sunday, at 11:00 a.m., an English service will be held in the St. Anna church in Noord. Special kid-friendly events, such as egg hunting contests, are held in malls in Palm Beach and Oranjestad.

Photo Egg Hunt

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Picture source: Paseo Herencia

Are you up for an Easter egg hunt with a twist? Collect all 5 egg clues and take a selfie with each hidden egg around the plaza to participate in the Photo Egg Hunt at Paseo Herencia. Enjoy an exciting egg hunt with family and friends while participating in a raffle to win a variety of goodies.

Casiola Aruba vacation homes

A large family dinner is one of the most time-honored Easter traditions, and this is something that families may think they will have to skip if they host their celebration outside of their house. However, if you rent a Casiola Aruba Villa for the holidays, you’ll have everything you need to create an Easter feast, including a kitchen large enough to accommodate many cooks. A dining table and seating places that can accommodate a big party are also available, allowing everyone to eat together.

After supper, your Easter beach home will have ample indoor and outdoor seating areas for everyone to come out of their rooms and socialize in common areas without feeling crowded. When night falls, there will be enough rooms for your entire extended family to stay.

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