Bring the Magic Home: Must-Buy Souvenirs from Disney World and Universal Studios

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Bring the Magic Home: Must-Buy Souvenirs from Disney World and Universal Studios

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Many parents try to steer their kids away from the theme park souvenir shops, but we say steer into the curve! Both Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando have some awesome merchandise and keepsakes to take home along with your memories. Far from cheesy t-shirts and breakable pieces of plastic junk, these unique souvenirs are worth the money.

Disney World

Pressed pennies

Pressed pennies

This souvenir won’t break the bank! All you need is a penny and two quarters. The pressed pennies are located throughout all the Disney parks and kids love seeing the different designs at each one. Plus, they get to do the work of putting in the coins, turning the crank and seeing their creation fall down the slot, adding to the fun.

Pin trading

Disney pins

A Disney fan favorite for many years, Disney pins are also an affordable and unique souvenir option. Disney gift shops sell over a 1,000 different designs and each year, Disney introduces new designs. You can also buy pins online before you go. Bring your pins from previous trips and trade them with cast members and other visitors. It’s a great way to build your collection and make new friends. Many visitors display pins on a lanyard while at the park.


Mickey Mouse ears

Another classic that’s stood the test of time, Mickey Mouse ears are the quintessential souvenir. The ears have evolved over the years and now all kinds of varieties are available. From ears celebrating birthdays and anniversaries to ears dedicated to your favorite characters, you’re sure to find a pair just for you. Make your ears even more special with monogramming done right in the store. You can even buy ears with special LED lighting that matches the nighttime light shows. And, Mickey Mouse ears aren’t just for the kids — adult sizes are available too.

Home decor

Disney home decor

Keep the magic alive even after you leave the park with Disney home decor. Choose a Christmas ornament so you can relive your trip each Christmas. Disney allows you to personalize many of the ornaments, so you can add your family’s name and/or the date. Another great option is something you’ll use every day, like a coffee mug, dinner plate or kitchen towel with your favorite characters on it. Every time you use, you’ll think of the amazing trip you had. If you’re a coffee drinker, grab a bag or two of Joffrey’s Coffee, served in all the Disney restaurants and cafes.

Universal Studios


Harry Potter wands

These aren’t just any magical wands — the wands from Universal Studios are interactive, allowing you to perform magic in the park. Find the medallions scattered throughout Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, follow the spell directions and watch the magic happen. Like the regular wands, the interactive wands are also made to look just like the character wands in the movies. The wands come in a collective, decorative box and also have a map of the parks to help you find the magic medallions.

Artboard 5

EVAC Transformer action figure

From kids discovering the Autobot world for the first time to long-time fans still reveling in all the action, Transformers are a fan favorite. After you brave the Transformers ride at Universal, head to The Supply Vault gift shop to pick up EVAC. You can find many other Transformers action figures at big box stores and online, but only Universal sells EVAC. During the ride, EVAC guides you as you defeat the Decepticons, making him the perfect souvenir to remember your adventure.


Despicable Me cookies

In the movies, Gru’s daughters sell their own version of Girl Scout cookies. At Universal Studios, you can buy real-life versions of those cookies to take home and enjoy. The cookies come in fun flavors and cool packages that look just like those from the movies. Popular flavors include Choco Swirlies and Slam Jams.

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