elopement in paradise

A beautiful elopement in paradise

What's going on in Aruba?
The Caribbean islands are a stunning alternative for a beautiful elopement in paradise, whether you see yourself on a beautiful white beach or in a lush garden setting. Looking for an unforgettable vacation wedding or beach ceremony in Aruba? Aruba weddings are a dream come true, and you may combine your destination wedding, vacation, and honeymoon all at once. Aruba is famous for its white sand beaches, year-round sunlight, and tropical temperature, but if you explore beyond the beachside resorts, you’ll discover infinite experiences. Make your wedding day a multi-day vacation in your Casiola Aruba dream villa! Gather all of your guests in one location and enjoy the entire weekend with your closest friends and family.

Why should you elope in Aruba?

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Your guest list will almost certainly be less than it would be for a typical wedding in your hometown or you may not have one at all! One of the nicest aspects about eloping in Aruba is that you will enjoy the experience with only the people you care about the most, and your wedding day will be about celebrating your love and the beginning of your marriage, rather than hosting a party for 200 people and stressing about saying hello to everyone. A destination wedding allows you to spend time with your guests, but because you’ll most likely combine it with your honeymoon, you’ll get the best of both worlds and be able to spend some time alone as well!

The most breathtaking setting

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One of the most significant benefits of an Aruba wedding is the opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful destinations in the world! The turquoise seas and white sand beaches provide a gorgeous background, and you may explore the cactuses, and caverns inland, stick near to the beach, and spend your honeymoon drinking pina coladas and snorkeling! You only need apostilled copies of the bride and groom’s birth certificates (state certification). Bride and groom must have valid passports. Witness (18 years of age or older) with a valid passport

Aruba’s best month for a wedding

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There truly isn’t a terrible time to have your Aruba wedding, the weather is nearly perfect all year!

The months of December through March are the most popular for visitors to Aruba because, while the rest of the eastern latitudes turns cold, this Caribbean island remains warm and sunny. Visiting during this time of year can be a wonderful way to avoid the cold at home, but it will be more pricey and you will certainly encounter more tourists.

From April to August, Aruba is significantly quieter, visitors tend to avoid the island during this period, so you’ll have a lot more peace. Prices are lower during the off-season, although the weather may reach temperatures of up to 85 degrees. Summer winds can help you keep cool, but they can also be unpleasant at times.

September is the finest month for a wedding in Aruba since the winds calm down a bit and the weather remains pleasant and beautiful! Because the winter tourists haven’t yet arrived, you’ll have more privacy for your elopement. October through December are also suitable months for an Aruba wedding, but bear in mind that this is the rainy season!

Find your Casiola Aruba dream villa

Still trying to decide where to host your Aruba nuptials? What about having a location to stay with access to all kinds of adventures, a place to do your ceremony, and a place to relax and enjoy your honeymoon in your Casiola Aruba dream villa? Here are some of Casiola Aruba’s greatest vacation villas that can be used as a wedding location!

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