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If you’re the type of traveler that is looking to bring visions of sugar-white sand beaches to life and is passionate about hours spent soaking up the sun by gentle surf, then there’s no place better to set your travel sights than the island of Aruba. This stunning and welcoming vacation destination is one where the concept of relaxation, rejuvenation, and fun collide seamlessly at nearly every turn. Visitors will find the pristine shorelines of Aruba to be inviting places to dig their toes into the sand, work on a golden tan or play a round of beach volleyball alike. No matter what your beach dream may be, it’s easy to embrace when Aruba is your final destination.

Of course, for all of the fun that the beach offers up, it’s good to remember that Aruba is an island rich in history and culture as well! A trip this way is certainly about sun-soaked moments, but it can be just as appealing to incorporate tours that give you a comprehensive look at all the island is and has to offer. That’s where De Palms Tours comes in. Partnered with Casiola Aruba, the professionals at De Palm Tours are happy to provide Aruba visitors with access to an unforgettable island tour that’s sure to thrill! Starting at just $49 per person, these Aruba Island Tours are a great way to get engaged with the island’s story while enjoying the comfort and luxury you deserve as well. From the comfort of an air-conditioned and meticulously maintained coach bus, participants on this tour will enjoy a professionally guided excursion across the island filled with insight into Aruban folklore, history, and captivating facts.

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What You’ll See on an Aruba Island Tour

Booking an Aruba Island Tour is a wonderful chance to get a great overview of some of the island’s most mesmerizing landmarks while learning more about the historical significance of each as well. Seeing these sights in this luxurious fashion can be a helpful way to make the most of an itinerary that includes stops you might otherwise overlook, simply not knowing the terrain in the same way local professionals do. Along the tour route, guests are bound to be delighted with the vast array of stops and sights to take in. The California Lighthouse is a definite highlight of this exciting tour being situated on the north side of the island. This lighthouse dates back to 1914 and remains an integral and eye-catching part of the landscape today. This tour also takes participants to visit an Aloe factory which is home to fields of aloe vera plants and provides a chance to connect with over 125 years of island history! Those tour guests who are excited to get up close to thrilling scenery will love the stop at Baby Bridge. Sculpted by the power of passing waves, this natural bridge has been chiseled into stunning perfection from limestone cliffs and is found along the island’s north coast. When you’re looking for a wonderful photo opportunity, this is the stop for you.

Tour guides will also give guests a chance to see the Ayo rock formation which is one of several Diorite formations found across Aruba. Feeling artistic? You’ll love the glass blowing demonstration that can be built into the tour with a stop at The Studio Murano Art. The Red Anchor sculpture is another memorable stop on this route which offers guests a chance for a unique photo just before heading to Baby Beach.  Other tour stops that are sure to inspire can include a butterfly farm while guests will have the chance to pass by Arashi Beach, Palm Beach, Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins—all while learning about the many neighborhoods that make up this incredible island!

Tour Details

An Aruba Island Tour is suitable for guests of all ages and typically lasts anywhere from 4.5 to 5-hours total. Most departure times are set for 10:00 am giving tour participants options to make the most of sunny island daytime hours. When you’ve opted to book this experience, you’ll want to be sure to dress in comfortable and casual clothing that’s easy to maneuver in as you make a multitude of exciting stops worth exploring. Comfortable walking shoes are a must while making sure to have your camera on hand guarantees the memories will last well beyond the tour!

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When travel plans bring you to the stunning island of Aruba, having amazing accommodations in place to meet the moment enhances your exciting experience even further. That’s where the team at Casiola Aruba comes in. Our professional staff is dedicated to helping each guest we partner with enjoy a luxurious stay in accommodations that provide the elegance, comfort, and quality travelers truly deserve. Feel free to browse our collection of incredible property options across the island and put together the trip of a lifetime!

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