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Aruba is the destination of a lifetime. With its reliably good weather year-round, world-famous sandy beaches, and rugged coastline, Aruba could be your next playground. When staying at one of our pristine vacation rentals, take an outing (or two, or three) with Vela Aruba, the best in the industry for lessons and rentals for all kinds of Aruba water sports.

Try a New Water Sport


Visiting Aruba without partaking in their awesome water activities is like visiting Paris without visiting the Eiffel Tower. When it comes to Vela Aruba’s lessons, take your pick: you can learn to kitesurf, windsurf, wing foil (that’s a thing), stand up paddleboard, snorkel, or zayak (that’s also a thing). Get your adrenaline pumping or take a leisurely float with your best buds. With Vela Aruba’s experienced instructors who prioritize your safety, you will walk away knowing exactly why Aruba is a kind of paradise – and perhaps with a new skill or two!

Rentals for the Seasoned Pros

tablet portrait horizontal rectangle retina ATA UW MangelHalto DSC09125 EditFor those who are more experienced in the water, Vela Aruba also offers gear rentals. With rates ranging from hourly to weekly, you can plan your trip around your favorite water hobby – all without lugging around the bulky gear. If you’re traveling with a group who are less inclined to brave the waves, you can rent beach beds, which offer shady relaxation, a spot to read a good book, and (perhaps) enjoy a strong cocktail.

Beach Activities

fullscreen horizontal rectangle DSC04080We know that after lounging around in your vacation home, you’ll want to get up and get active. Vela Aruba offers activities both on and off the shore. From stand-up paddleboard yoga (called SUP Yoga) to hardcore Beach Bootcamp, there is activity at all speeds.

Why Our Guests Love Vela Aruba

Founded in 1989, Vela Aruba is all about beach culture. They offer green, non-motorized activities which incorporate wind, water, sand, and creativity. Encouraging an active lifestyle full of play and adventure, Vela Aruba is on a mission to help guests make ever-lasting memories while experiencing the beach vacation of their dreams.

Enjoy Aruba’s Finest Accommodations

We at Casiola Aruba are here to make your Aruba vacation dream come true. We offer a wide selection of vacation rentals, from one-bedroom ocean-view apartments to seven-bedroom exclusive villas. Browse our selection of luxurious rentals online today and plan the perfect trip to Aruba!