When you are staying near the ocean and all the wonderful fish and aquatic life that lives deep within it, you are going to want to try the flavors of the coast. Not to mention, there is nothing quite as flavorful as freshly caught fish that have yet to know the inside of a freezer or the long journey to the mainland. When you are looking to taste the flavors of the coast and dine on fresh fish and seafood, make sure you stop by Poke Ono!

What to Expect

When you dine at Po Ke Ono, you will find a simple dining area where you are meant to truly relax and keep the vibe of the coast and ocean going even when dining. While their interior is quite simple in a relaxing and charming way, their menu and the food are as complex as any you’ll find, complete with an array of various flavors and cuisines that are sure to have you coming back to try more.

A Menu of the Coast

You’ll find an array of different seafood meals when you dine at Poke Ono Aruba. For instance, you’ll find a large selection of poke bowls that are just begging for you to sink your teeth into the delicious flavors hidden within. You’ll find your classic and traditional poke bowl made with fresh tuna, as well as one filled to the brim with smoky salmon. You’ll also find bowls piled high with Thai shrimp or veggies for the vegetarians amongst us. Even those who might not like fish can join in by feasting upon their Hawaiian Spam bowl. You can also try their steamed baos stuffed with either pork belly, sweet and sour shrimp, tofu, or even duck! For those sushi lovers among us, you’ll enjoy their selection of specialty rolls, including the Hulk roll (salmon, cucumber, tuna salad), the Peace and Love (tofu, sweet potato, veg-naise, and cucumber), the Acevichado roll (shrimp, surimi salad, mango, avocado, and cream cheese) and many others. For those looking for something a bit more family-oriented, check out their selection of mains which include Thai fish curry, beef short ribs, tofu and yakisoba, and more! Make sure you check out their drink menu too, as they offer a surprising variety of wines, sparkling drinks, sake, rum, gin, vodka, and even specialty cocktails.

As you can see, any lover of the flavors of the coast will fall in love with the fresh flavors of the sea offered at PoKe Ono. Book your stay with Casiola Aruba online today and enjoy a fantastic Caribbean getaway!