Oftentimes when we go on vacation, and especially when we dine in a new locale, we want to try things that are a bit varied—things we may not be able to try back home—and to do so in an environment that keeps the relaxing and rejuvenating nature of the vacation going. If you’re looking for diverse and unique food served to tables that have gorgeous views, make sure you stop by OceanZ in Aruba!

The Restaurant and Dining Area

When you walk up to the front doors, the first thing you’ll most likely notice is the beautiful 5-star resort that it lies within, giving an almost mysterious and elite feeling to it. When you finally walk inside, you’ll be greeted with a beautiful dining room decorated with sophistication and elegance at every turn. What’s more, your eyes are sure to travel to the gorgeous pool with the clear blue sky floating above. If you find yourself looking for some fresh air, or perhaps a dinner under the watchful eye of the twinkling stars, head up to the rooftop dining area. Once you have had a chance to properly take in the beautiful views and elegant interior of OceanZ Aruba, take a glance at the menu and feel excitement bubble up as you glance over the wide range of unique international cuisines all spiced up with a light touch of Aruba charm.

A Diverse Selection

At OceanZ you’ll find a wide variety of international dishes, each cooked with the freshest of ingredients. You’ll find such unique starts as pumpkin or onion soup, as well as Duo cream soup made with fresh roasted tomatoes and sharp goat cheese. You might also like to try the refreshing tuna or salmon tartare, or perhaps feast upon a helping of jumbo shrimp cocktail or even ceviche (fish marinated in lime juice and seasonings). The dishes only get better as you move on to the main courses which consist of everything from a classic catch of the day to grouper cooked in a delicious caper sauce, creamy shrimp and lobster served atop linguini noodles, and even lamb chops and perfectly grilled salmon. Make sure you don’t eat too much, as they also offer a range of delicious desserts you are sure to not want to miss. You’ll find the classic crème brulee alongside the Italian classic of tiramisu and the American favorite of frozen key lime pie.

So, if you are looking to dine on diverse and fresh food while gazing out either at the glistening pool or atop the eatery looking over at the distant ocean, make sure you stop by OceanZ. Book your journey to paradise with Casiola Aruba today!