There are many cuisines in this world of ours, some of which are spicy and sharp and others which are rich with a slight sprinkling of sweetness. However, there is something unique and special about specifically Italian fare; Italian cuisine often brings to mind intimate dinners spent gazing into another’s eyes as we enjoy the strong, yet complex flavors of sauces, pasta, and pizzas. Even when you are lying on the warm beaches of Aruba, you very well might find yourself craving a good pizza, or perhaps a generous portion of lasagna. Well, there is no better place to go when these cravings hit than Lucca Trattoria!

The Restaurant

When you walk into the welcoming walls of Lucca Trattoria, the first thing you will notice is the warm and tantalizing scents of garlic, oregano, and other spices wafting through the air from the kitchen. As you walk to your table, guided by a friendly host staff, you can’t help but smile at the warm, yet relaxed atmosphere that surrounds you. While the inside dining room is of course the perfect place to enjoy their fine meals, their terrace is the perfect place for a family or group of friends to feast and enjoy the relaxing nature of Lucca Trattoria. If you find yourself seeking a place to hold a celebration, keep them in mind as well, considering their venue can hold a respectable 160 people; your guests are sure to be in culinary bliss as they enjoy the fresh ingredients that the restaurant prides itself in using.

A Glance at the Menu

While the dining room of Lucca Trattoria Aruba is sure to set your meal off on the right track, the delicious and mouthwatering food is truly what ties it all together. You may like to start your meal off with a nice appetizer to get the anticipation going for your main course. For instance, you all might enjoy digging into a plate of Fritto Misto (a combination of shrimp, squid, and vegetables with a side of tartar sauce). You might also like to start your meal off with a salad; you’ll find several options, including their caprese salad (the ideal fresh meal consisting of tomatoes and mozzarella) or the classic and much beloved Caesar salad. For the main course, you have your choice of a large variety of different Italian fare. You’ll find gnocchi cooked to perfection, both classical and specialty pizzas, flakey fish, perfectly seared steak, and even lobster! If you’re looking for rich pasta, look no further, as you will find a variety of excellent dishes ranging from fettuccine aglio to olio e aragosta (garlic fettuccine with oil and lobster), lasagna Bolognesa (meat lasagna), or alfredo carbonara. You’ll also find such classics as juicy chicken parmesan, or even the popular risotto. Make sure to leave some room, though, as they also host a wide selection of different deserts such as smooth and sweet tiramisu, flan with coconut, or expertly baked cannoli.

When your stomach begins to rumble for the delectable and rich flavors of authentic Italian cuisine, make sure you give Lucca Trattoria a try. If you’re curious about other restaurants in the area, make sure you contact Casiola Aruba and don’t forget to book your stay with us online!