When we go on vacation, it’s not uncommon for us to want to try something special, something unique, something that we will love to tell of again and again. When you come to Aruba, there are many fancy and unique places that you can go to fill your rumbling stomach and curious mind. However, if you are looking for a truly intimate experience, one that is full of exciting surprises and delicious food, make sure you head on over to Fred Restaurant and have a meal you’ll never forget.

The Experience

When you dine at Fred, you will not just be gaining a memory of a delicious meal, but a night of genuine entertainment where the meal is truly an experience in and of itself. This is not to mention that there’s a good chance you’ll make a friend with the chef during the process! You’ll be treated to a delicious three-hour-long, five-course meal featuring a surprise selection of delectable-looking dishes which are prepared with the skillful hand and mind of a culinary artist. What’s more, all the different menu items are cooked in front of you, meaning that the preparation is truly part of the experience. As the chef cooks your meal, feel free to chat and talk with him, as he is more than happy to share stories and become part of the experience and group. You even have the option of having a perfectly paired wine with each course, hand-picked by the chef himself. After you finish your divine meal, join them on the roof as you all talk, laugh, and share stories with your new friends at Fred Restaurant Aruba.

About the Meal and More

A meal at Fred is quite intriguing, as it’s a full mystery as to what you’ll get. You won’t find even a hint on their website as they truly want every step of the experience to be a genuine surprise and each bite an eruption of flavor and delight. However, pictures do exist, as they are rightfully proud of the artistic creations they put out. It really does come as no surprise that Fred Restaurant was quickly named the best restaurant in the Caribbean by TripAdvisor! Do keep in mind that they only are open to guests 18 and over.

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