One great thing about our modern world is the ease with which we can access a variety of cultures and cuisines. We have all tried the spicy delights of Mexico, the sharp kick of Indian cuisine, the sweet and savory flavors that define Chinese dishes, and many others. However, quite a few of us can say that we have tried authentic Peruvian food. What better way is there to spend some time on your vacation than taking the chance to try something worthy of boasting about back home? If you are looking to try a unique cuisine few have taken it upon themselves to dine on, make sure you check out Delimar Aruba Peruvian Restaurant!

The Eatery

You’ll find that a meal at Delimar is quite refreshing, if for no other reason then it’s always a treat to get to dine on passionately made food in an establishment run by a caring and loving family. Well, that is exactly what you’ll find here, as well as a varied menu that hosts a wide selection of Peruvian food. Their food is not only delicious but quite decently priced when one considers the experience they are receiving.

The Menu

Prepare for something new and exciting as you scan the menu at Delimar Peruvian Restaurant. You’ll find such meals as shrimp sauteed with fresh tomatoes, scallions, soy sauce, and onions. This is in addition to flakey and delicious grilled salmon, grouper cooked in fish broth with onion and potatoes, cau cau de mariscos (fish and seafood stew), grilled octopus, and even beef heart or filet mignon. You’ll also find such unique meals as escabeche de pollo (fried chicken in onion sauteed in vinegar and honey), Jale Mixta (mix of fried fish and seafood), and Pollo a la Naranja (fried chicken in orange sauce), chafe especial (white fried rice sauteed with beef, chicken, and shrimps), and many more that are sure to have your mouth watering and already planning your return trip to try the rest. If you find yourself traveling with little ones, they can join in on the experience, as Delimar features a diverse kids’ menu which might even tempt the adults! You’ll also find a selection of 100% pure traditional Peruvian dishes such as aji de gallina (shredded chicken in a spicy and creamy sauce), Seco de Carne (beef stew with cilantro and beer sauce), and more.

Get ready to try the bold and unique flavors of Peruvian food at this small, family-run establishment that has made a name for itself. Book your stay with Casiola Aruba today and enjoy everything our island paradise has to offer!