When we are on vacation there are times where we don’t want to do something that will have our eye’s wide and heart pumping, nor do we wish to exhaust ourselves by pushing our physical body in order to explore the natural world. Rather, we wish to simply be and enjoy the peace and relaxation we feel at being far away from the worries and stresses that normally would plague us at home. Some will go to the beach to feel this type of quiet, meditative introspection; however, while you’re in Aruba, if you happen to feel this way, then make sure you keep the Alto Vista Chapel in mind!

The History

In 1750, long before tourists walked the sandy shores, long before the restaurants and hotels dotted the landscape, and even before anyone even thought of the Island as a place to escape and relax, the first Roman Catholic Chapel was erected where Alto Vista now proudly stands. Over the years this small little chapel went through much, and saw much, until eventually it sat abandoned, a ruin in place of what once was a shelter and sanctuary. However, in 1953, a lone individual decided to resurrect the chapel and create what now stands there today.

A Place of Peace

Officially called Our Lady of Alto Vista, this chapel proves to be more than just a place of worship to the locals, but a place and escape where they can go when they need quiet and sit in meditative peace as they struggle with whatever brought them here. Same as the locals, you will find that no matter your religious background, the chapel emits a warm, welcoming vibe that calls you to come within its walls and sit in peace while you contemplate the mysteries of life in a place where you know you won’t be disturbed. Roughly translated as “High View,” the chapel sits atop a bluff, allowing you to see far out into the distance as you gaze upon the beautiful beaches and over blue sea which seems to stretch into infinity before you. If you walk around back, you will find their Peace Labyrinth which is sure to lull you into a meditative state as you slowly walk its path and contemplate whatever it is that first comes to mind. Finally, Alto Vista Chapel Aruba makes a perfect stop for anyone headed to Arikok National Park which lies nearby.

If you find yourself intrigued by the idea of a place so well suited for meditation, make sure to book your stay with Casiola Aruba online today!