When one goes on vacation, it can occasionally be overwhelming deciding what to do, how long to do it, and trying to ensure you see all the main sights and do all those activities you’ve been dreaming of since you first made the decision to travel. Well, we understand this and have done the hard work and put together a guide to places to visit in Aruba to spend an unforgettable three days on the island!

Day One: Explore Via Tour

On your first day, make sure you get a lay of the land and enjoy the thrill of exploring a new area. Do it in style by taking a morning to explore our island as you zoom across the landscape upon an ATV. To make sure you see all there is to see, take advantage of one of the many off-road tour companies on the island. If you are looking to get some exercise in, you can take advantage of the various walking tours, many of which will truly get you up close and personal with the various wildlife that call the island home. As the sun begins to peak overhead, cool off on one of the many pristine beaches on the coast. Have fun snorkeling at the popular Baby Beach, or body board across the waves in the secluded and peaceful Andicuri Beach. As the day ends, make sure you check out the various eateries that can be found on our small but peaceful island.

Day Two: A Perfect Day to Island Hop

While there is much to do and see in Aruba, make sure you take a day to explore one of the two private islands that lie nearby that are a must see in Aruba. Get a day pass for De Palm Island and enjoy not only flocks of pink flamingos and lounging under a cabana but also complimentary snorkeling in coral reefs either on your own or on one of the free tours. You also can lie upon a beach as you drink something cold and refreshing from their open bar or let the adrenaline flow in the water park complete with drop slides, ziplines, and more! You can even enjoy unlimited banana boat rides, thus ensuring you can do a little bit of everything on this tiny neighboring island.

If you still have time or are looking to make the most of the day, then also stop by Catalina Bay to enjoy not only great snorkeling, but also scuba diving and tours where you can explore the S.S. Antilla (a German cargo ship that was purposefully sunk to avoid it falling into enemy hands), and even swim with a variety of sea life ranging from angelfish to octopus, grouper, and even barracuda! If one is not looking to explore, the calm waters are just as good for a relaxing swim as for exploring.

Day Three: Experience the Hidden Side of Aruba

On your final day, you might find it interesting to see places to visit in Aruba that few tourists take the opportunity to. For instance, you’ll be surprised to find there are several factories upon the island, many of which offer fascinating tours to explore the origin and creation of their goods. You’ll find everything from the Aruba Aloe Factory, where you’ll learn of the secrets held within the aloe vera plant, to the Aruhiba Cigar Factory, where you will learn of the ancient art of cigar rolling.

After a day of exploring the industrial side of the small island, make sure you end your day with a beautiful sunset tour, where you and your significant other can enjoy a glass of complimentary wine as you stand hand in hand upon the deck of a ship, gazing out into the distance as the sun begins to work its magical touch upon the skies, changing blues to hues the color of autumn. If you find yourself with little ones or friends, make sure you check out the dinner tours, many of which come with a multicourse menu and open bar.

With your stomach now full, end your final night with an exploration of the lively nightlife that thrives upon the island. If you’re feeling up for it, you can even hop on a party bus and enjoy a bar crawl like you have never seen before; it makes for a perfect way to end what is sure to be a three-day vacation that sticks with you forevermore.

If you are ready to experience all this and more firsthand, and possibly even discover adventures not discussed here, make sure you book your getaway online today with Casiola Aruba!