patio with ocean views

Imagine waking up in the morning to the sound of crashing waves in the distance, as if the surf itself were pounding upon a taut drum. You get up and make a cup of coffee, and soon with it resting in hand, you stand at the window, looking out across the pristine white sands that reflect the early morning sun, and in the distance, you see the ocean glimmering and stretching out before you. If this sounds to you like the most ideal way to start a morning, make sure you read on about our Aruba oceanfront rentals!

Your Rental

As you begin to flip through our wide selection of different rentals, you are sure to notice that no two are quite alike, and each comes with its own host of unique perks and amenities. This is because we know that no two people are the same, so we have put together a wide range of different rentals; you’ll find everything from the modern and sleek to the colorful and artistic to the warm and cozy. You’ll find that each has a range of special amenities. Some have a private pool to float and lounge around in, others have ping pong tables and game rooms, others still boast private patios—perfect to sit upon as you gaze out past the horizon and into the distance. Some even come with snorkeling equipment, sand toys, pool floats, and even kayaks! Further, you’ll find a range of prices to ensure that everyone can have the chance to visit our beautiful island home, no matter their budget. Finally, rest safe knowing that each of our Aruba oceanfront vacation rentals comes with the latest in monitored alarm systems, ensuring that you and your guests have peace of mind within these walls.

Our Dedication to You

When you rent with us, you won’t just be getting a beautiful vacation home upon the ocean; you will also be getting a team that is truly dedicated to giving you the vacation that you have dreamed about for so long. First off, we truly care about your health and wellbeing and for this reason, we are proud to say that we have the Aruba Health and Happiness Code certification and follow the latest in guidance on hygiene and sanitization. Not only this, but we are all local, so we know every interesting find and discovery that lays hidden among the sands and waves. We are more than happy to put on the concierge hat and help you see all that you came to experience, and maybe even suggest some things you never knew could be experienced here! Finally, if at any time, whether it be during the booking, travel, arrival, stay, or departure, should you come up with any questions or concerns, we are but a short phone call away and will do all in our power to answer or solve your inquiry.

Beautiful Aruba

While our Aruba oceanfront rentals have more than enough to be desired, don’t spend too much time within their walls, as you’ll find that Aruba hosts a wide variety of things to do and see during your stay with us. First off, rest easy knowing that we lie outside the hurricane belt, ensuring that at no point should your vacation be ruined by the powers of nature. While you are with us, make sure you enjoy the beautiful beaches that people flock to from all over the world which lie just outside your door. Take the chance to explore the various coves, caves, and various natural wonders that are just waiting to be found. You can also enjoy a day of adventure as you take on windsurfing or parasailing, or you can relax and enjoy the waters with kayaking, fly fishing, horseback riding, and more! When the sun goes down, make sure you take advantage of the booming nightlife by hopping on a party bus and leaving your troubles behind, or if you’re feeling lucky, head over to the casino to play some cards or dance it up at one of several clubs.

Don’t forget to check out the booming arts scene by exploring the various galleries or let the scholar within have some fun by checking out one of the local museums such as the Etnia Nativa Art Gallery and Museum. You can also take part in one of the many tours across the island and truly get to see what makes our slice of the Caribbean so special. You can take an e-bike tour and sit back as you observe the wilderness flitting by or see the underwater world with powered snorkeling tours. You can even join a walking tour and get some great exercise at the same time or do something unique and go tour the Aruba ostrich farm. One could even spend a day relaxing at the various spas and wellness centers that dot the area.

As you can see, Aruba is the perfect place to vacation. If you’re ready to make your Caribbean dream vacation a reality, book your stay with Casiola Aruba online today!

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