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We wish you didn’t have to leave at all, dear guest!

Your check out time is .

Please be prompt with your designated checkout timeCheck out is fast, and simple. It is NOT necessary to call, or wait for our cleaning team to arrive. Nor, is it necessary to visit the Casiola Aruba offices before leaving.

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid any extra charges.

Justin – Guest Relations

Tips & Tricks for checking out


Leave the keys, remotes, VIP Cards or other items on the table in the main room.


We hope you’ve been using the trash bins outside so that you do not have a lot of garbage bags to deal with as you leave. Please place any last garbage bags in the trashcan before you leave. Any unopened food and drink items may be left in the property, and our cleaning staff will arrange for these items to be delivered to the housekeepers.


Please place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the dishwasher before departing. Please refrain from leaving used or dirty dishes in the sink or putting dirty items away in cabinets.


You don’t need to do anything. Leave the linen on the beds and the towels in the bathrooms. Our cleaning staff collects them and brings them to our brand new laundry facility.

Lights, electronics and air conditioning

Please help us conserve energy by turning off all lights, electronics, and ceiling fans as you leave the property. As you leave, please turn the airconditioning off.

Broken or damaged items

If there are any broken items or malfunctioning amenities, please let us know via aruba@casiola.com so we can have them fixed right away.

Doors & windows

Please be sure that all doors and windows are closed tightly and locked when you leave.

Extra cleaning fees

Should the property require EXCESSIVE additional cleaning after your departure (as determined by our cleaning crew management staff), an additional cleaning fee will be debited from your security deposit or charged on your credit card. This also pertains to any furniture that has been moved and needs to be moved back.

Personal belongings

Please check drawers and closets to ensure you’ve got everything you came with. Returning items to you is quite complicated because of shipping & customs.

Come back soon!

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