7 best reasons to book an Airbnb in Aruba

7 reasons to book an Airbnb in Aruba

7 best reasons to book an Airbnb in Aruba

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Aruba is perfect. It is warm; it is sunny; it is welcoming; and, it is gorgeous. Vacationing here is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. However, your choice of accommodation can make or break your experience of living here. To enjoy the most impeccable time, you must consider renting an Airbnb, for they have an endless number of advantages to offer. 

1. Enjoy the local flavor

One of the best things about renting an Airbnb for your vacation is that you get the fantastic opportunity to enjoy the local flavor through architecture and interior designing. Since local hosts originally build most Airbnb homes as residences for themselves, they feature elements that are true to the essence of Aruba.

Unlike caked-up hotel rooms, where, in an attempt to be acceptable by all incoming guests, managements do not infuse elements of the local tradition into their rooms, Airbnbs let you experience what it feels like to be an Aruban. They are generally open, feature large windows that highlight the fact that they are beachfront facilities, and are colored brightly, giving a distinctly Aruban vibe. If you care for authenticity in even the slightest, you would love to live here!

2. Warm and hospitable hosts

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Airbnb homes is that they allow you a wonderful chance to step into extremely warm and hospitable people’s houses. Where, although you might be going as a guest, you are greeted with both arms open and a vigor that makes you feel at home.

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Large chain hotels have hundreds of visitors staying at a time, meaning that there is only enough attention they can give you in terms of customization and comfort. With Airbnbs, the case is different, for there are generally at most one-party renting at any given time. This means that the hosts often go out of their way to customize your stay the way you like it and care for you.

3. Insider knowledge

Airbnb hosts are not only welcoming, but they are also knowledgeable. Since they are most likely to be locals, for whom Aruba is their home, they know details about the destination.  Combined with the fact that they are happy to answer questions and do not mind a back and forth, it means that you have in them your personal concierge.

You can ask them for advice on where to go, where to eat, what to try, and what to avoid. Plus, since they do not have corporate ties with restaurants, etc., unlike hotels, they have no incentive to misguide you. So, you can expect genuine and reliable suggestions from them.

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4. Impeccable customer service

Let’s face it. No destination or accommodation service is perfect. However, it is not their perfection that matters. The most crucial thing is customer service and willingness to hear your customers.

It may be possible that you run into some inconvenience during your stay in your Airbnb home. However, rest assured for your hosts will be extremely responsive and more than willing to immediately resolve your issue.

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5. Hosts set their own rates

While this might not sound the most appealing, for one could assume that hosts may set ridiculously high prices for per-night stays, this is not the case. In fact, it is quite the opposite.

You find that Airbnb homes/condos/villas generally cost a lot cheaper than your average hotel rooms and provide access to several amenities, things hotels would normally charge you for. Plus, since most Airbnb rentals feature large, fully functional kitchens, you have an additional opportunity to save money on buying food, for you can cook your own meals.

6. Enjoy staying at the best places in Aruba

If you ask someone which might be the best spot to stay in Aruba during your vacation, you will be told that it is close to Palm and Eagle beaches. However, the problem with residing in beachfront hotels is that they are insanely expensive. So, you will essentially be trading the vitality of location with your budget. However, you do not have to make any such compromises with Airbnb villas and condos.

They provide you with the perfect opportunity to experience living in proximity to the excellent spots that Palm Beach and Eagle Beach are and that too at comfortable rates. You will be only a few meters away from the impeccable ocean and exciting beach parties. And the best of all – you can wake up to the comforting sounds of the ocean without worrying that you have wasted your entire budget on affording to hear them.

7. Best pools

Oftentimes, there are slump days, even during one’s vacation, days when you want some privacy and do not want to be out in public and interact with others. But that does not mean that you cannot enjoy your own company.

Our Airbnb homes/condos/villas feature the best pools in town, providing you with the perfect, private recluse you need to recharge yourself. You can sit by the pool, soaking in the sunlight, or splash around the water, or do anything that makes you feel happy!

Choose the right Airbnb vacation rental in Aruba

So, these were some of the key advantages of choosing an Airbnb for your accommodation in Aruba. If you are wondering which might be your best options, here are a top few from our growing offer of vacation homes in Aruba:

backyard with large pool and seating

Palm Hills Villa

If you are looking for a villa that you could share with your friends/family to spend quality time with them but still want to retain a sense of privacy for some personal enjoyment as well, Palm Hills Villa is an excellent choice for you. The home comes with three very spacious bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms and personal TVs so you can experience private luxury.

The rooms are extremely comfortable, each one featuring memory foam mattresses and air-conditioning, meaning that you can live a very rewarding vacation. The house features an open-concept architecture otherwise, incorporating elements of a chic Caribbean country club into its design, presenting an aesthetic ambiance that you will come to love.

The villa also features a fully equipped open kitchen, perfect for preparing meals of everyone’s choice. You will also have the opportunity to dine out in its outdoor dining areas, which is a must-recommendation for both areas’ views are breathtakingly beautiful. Surely, devouring a scrumptious and savory delight while being surrounded by aesthetically pleasing things is a memorable experience in itself. This villa also comes with one of the best pools, with jacuzzi-style bubbles on one end to make your swimming and relaxation times more enjoyable.

pool with bar seating

Villa Bubali Escape

Villa Bubali Escape is the ultimate escape and the best choice for you to plan a large trip with lots of family members. Traveling with family is always fun, so you should make sure that inconveniences don’t mar your experience. Villa Bubali ensures that you won’t run into problems related to space and the number of people, for it is designed to cater to many guests at a time. Plus, the villa hosts are very welcoming, warm, and very responsive to queries and concerns, meaning that any troubles you may have can get immediately resolved.

The villa has six bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms and can very comfortably sleep, seventeen people. Since the entire space is fully air-conditioned, you will not have to worry about the place feeling suffocated. Villa Bubali also features a fully equipped kitchen with stainless steel appliances, a dishwasher, and electrical appliances to ensure that you spend a convenient and fulfilling vacation. Other exciting amenities include a private (and the best) pool with a swim-up bar, beach chairs, sand toys. You will also have access to a gas-BBQ that is always ready to cook excellent steaks, so you can have one whenever you want!

Airbnb Villa Rosanna - Casiola Aruba

Villa Rossana

Looking for the perfect getaway house for your trip with your friends and family isn’t always the easiest task. This is especially true if your group is large-sized because most resorts are not designed to cater to a large number of people without exuding a sense of congestion. However, with Villa Rossana, this is not the case.

Welcome to Villa Rossana, a 4500 sq. ft rental situated on the beachfront, boasting four large-sized bedrooms and three bathrooms. With this much space available, you can comfortably sleep nine people here. With light and bright colors, large windows facing the sea, and lots of natural light, Villa Rossana allows you a pleasantly spacious environment that is great if you want to declutter your mind. Boasting a large living room with a glass wall overlooking the glorious Aruba waters, this villa allows you the perfect opportunity to sit back and relax with your loved ones while enjoying fantastic views. Plus, you get to enjoy many other amenities, like free Wifi, air conditioning, and TVs.

On days when you feel like exploring the beach and the sea, you can take the kayaks included as amenities in your package and venture out into the waters. Or, if you don’t feel like leaving the villa but still want to be close to the sea, lay back in the hammocks and feel the pleasant sea breeze tickle your skin. You also get to enjoy the luxury of two fully-equipped kitchens, one inside and one right beside the rental’s open-air dining space. Make all the meals you want for your loved ones and enjoy as everyone comes together for food. It surely is a rewarding experience!

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