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5 kid-friendly Aruba activities

What's going on in Aruba?
When visiting Aruba, there are many activities for visitors of all ages. Of course, you can relax on the beach and enjoy the crystal-clear ocean, but if you’re looking for a few other things to do while enjoying your Casiola Aruba vacation home with your kids, then this list is just for you.

1. National archaeological museum

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The first stop on our kid-friendly Aruba activities list is the Aruba National Archaeological Museum. The museum was opened in the 19th century and contains ancient tools, weapons, pottery, and statues from the Pre-ceramic period!

The human history of Aruba dates back to the year 2500 B.C. when people from South America made their way over in boats. The museum explains how humans landed on the island, their survival tools, and how their culture developed. It also includes the stories of runaway slaves who lived in Aruba in maroon communities.

2. Kid-friendly aqua play area at De Palm Island

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Picture source: De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a unique kid-friendly Aruba activity. Not only is it a great place to snap some photos, but it also has an all-you-can-eat buffet, unlimited snacks, unlimited beverages, banana boat rides, water park access, snorkel equipment, snorkel tours, beach chairs, daily salsa lesson, and (beach) activities like basketball and beach volley.

The aqua play area is ideal for children, teenagers, and adults. It features water cannons, zip down slides, under water showers, a tipping bucket, and a large pool to enjoy a fun day in the water with your kids.

3. Snorkel or swim at Baby Beach

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A kid-friendly Aruba activity the whole family will remember. This white sandy beach is perfect for the entire family to soak up the sun, you can relax on the beach while the kids are out and about? Baby Beach is shallow enough for small children to swim, so you can let the kids play safely. There’s not much shade, so bring or rent an umbrella if the sun is too strong. Families who enjoy water sports can snorkel at Baby Beach, which is full of fish and turtles. There are also plenty of restaurants and bars nearby with simple snacks like hot dogs and burgers, so you won’t go hungry. A family day at Baby Beach is one of the most amazing activities you can do with the kids in Aruba.

4. Natural Pool Jeep Tour

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Picture source: De Palm Tours Aruba

Aruba’s Natural Pool (known as Conchi) is a must-see kid-friendly Aruba activity. Because of the pool’s position amid rough terrain, visitors feel like they’ve magically discovered a beautiful pool when they arrive. Book yourself a thrilling jeep tour to get there, it’s safe and you can get lots of pictures since you won’t be driving. Take swim shoes with you to the natural pool, since the rocks can be slippery

Many people don’t think to stop by because it’s not on the beaten path, but if you find your way there, you won’t regret it as the views are breathtaking.

5. The Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine

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Picture source: De Palm Tours Aruba

The last kid-friendly Aruba activity on our list is the Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine. Since Aruba surrounds itself with water, it only makes sense that the final kid-friendly Aruba activity is on the water! The Semi-Submarine tour sets off in a half underwater half above water exploration as you swim to the Arashi Reef.

It isn’t an incredible tour compared to others in the world, taking 90 minutes of underwater exploration. So it makes an excellent kid-friendly activity that explores the beautiful world underwater with your family!

Kid-friendly Aruba activities are endless, from Baby Beach to diving into the water in a real submarine to see the local fishies! After all the fun, go relax in your family-friendly Casiola Aruba villa and float away in your private swimming pool.

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