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Submarine Adventures In Aruba

Things to do in Aruba

The world under the sea in Aruba is as beautiful as the one on land, but not everyone is willing, or able, to explore it at great lengths. Snorkeling can be fun, but many don’t really like to see what they are swimming and scuba diving with, which is why the absolute best way to get up close and personal with the sea flora and fauna, can be scary to those who don’t absolutely trust the idea of breathing through a tube! The good news is there are other ways to explore the waters that surround Aruba and the even better news is you can stay dry, cozy, and comfortable as you do so! De Palm Submarine Adventures is the adventure that will change the seascape of your vacation, taking you 130 feet below the surface for an experience you will never forget!

Two Ways to Explore

We all have our fears and if one of yours is the fear of being totally submersed, the Seaworld Explorer Semi-Submarine may be the perfect option for you! It was once used for research purposes on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, this hybrid boat/submarine never submerges; the top part appears to be just an everyday boat sailing the waters of Aruba but walk down some stairs once you are aboard and you are instantly transported into a whole new world! The hull of Seaworld Explorer is completely surrounded by windows that let in exciting views of sea life while keeping the water out! Air-conditioned and providing seating for your comfort (while only taking you 5-feet under the sea) the Seaworld Explorer costs just $45 ($35 for children 3-12) for an hour and a half voyage and takes you to the Arashi Reef and the Antilla, a shipwrecked German Freighter from World War II that now is hosts to a variety of shy sea creatures. Book here if this is the adventure you have been searching for.

The more daring travelers, the ones whose sense of adventure has them trying new things in every phase of their lives, may be more drawn to a voyage on the Atlantis. This submarine adventure truly is a submarine, submersing to depths of 130-feet! Coast Guard approved, the Atlantis is also fully air-conditioned (something you will really appreciate in the summer!) and offers rows of seating with prime views out the porthole windows. Watch the world under the sea come alive as the submarine travels through the waters making it feel as if you are at one with the creatures that live here. Colorful fish and graceful sea turtles will stun you with their beauty, as will the sight of the Barcadera Reef and the multiple shipwrecks you will encounter during your voyage. This adventure lasts about an hour and 45 minutes and costs $105 per person, but the extra cost is worth it, as you explore a world you never dreamed you would be able to see! This is not a ride for the tiny kids in your life, so if you are traveling with children less than 36-inches in height or under the age of 4, the Seaworld Explorer may be a better option (tickets for children 4-12 years of age only cost $69). Departing from Atlantis Store Oranjestad several times a day, the Atlantis is one of the most popular adventures in Aruba, so to ensure you have your spot under the water, reserving your seats ahead of time is greatly recommended.

Experience the Magic

Whichever adventure you take, the magic of Aruba will follow you on your journey as you watch the bright and colorful fish swim rapidly all around you and watch the sea’s story unfold before you. The reefs that provide home and protection for much of the sea life, the sun filtering through the clear waters of Aruba highlighting a rusty anchor on one of the shipwrecks, a quick blue fish darting through the reef, or even a shy but graceful creature swimming along without a care in the world. These are the sights that will mystify you as you live out the magic of our island nation.

Come Home to Casiola Aruba

When the sun sets on another day in paradise, coming home to your Aruba luxury villa rental is yet another bit of magic Aruba has to offer. Featuring bright spaces filled with comfortable furnishings and all the luxury amenities you never knew you needed, our homes provide a beautiful exclamation point to the end of your adventures under the sea! Fully equipped kitchens, cloud soft beds, and backyards are an oasis of peace that will be much appreciated, especially after the tension that often accompanies your non-vacation life! Reserve your favorite today and discover that adventures in paradise can be of the most comfortable variety!

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