Rainy day at Walt Disney World

10 fun tips for a Rainy Day at Walt Disney World®

What's going on in Orlando?

A rainy day at Walt Disney World® is almost certain to occur during your Orlando vacation. It’s critical to understand that Florida’s major rainy season runs from June to October, during the busiest vacation season when many families visit the theme parks. Rainstorms are common on a regular basis in Florida, and you have little influence over the weather. But don’t let a wet day spoil your vacation. Even on a rainy day, it is possible to have a lot of fun and make family memories that will last a lifetime. While we cannot guarantee a storm-free summer vacation, we do know what to do on a rainy day at Walt Disney World® so you can effectively handle the weather and prevent disappointment, and you can always spend an afternoon at your Casiola vacation home to enjoy all the facilities there.

1. Shop in Disney Springs®

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Disney Springs®, Disney’s leisure, and retail area are free to visit and features a variety of businesses, including the world’s largest Disney store. The Marketplace is a covered shopping street where you may walk from store to store without ever setting foot in the rain. Disney Springs® is one of the top free things to do in Walt Disney World® and a must-see for any tourist looking for activities outside of the main parks.

2. Travel between Deluxe Resorts via Monorail

The Grand Floridian’s legendary monorail connects to the Contemporary Resort and Disney’s Polynesian Resort. This implies that you may visit all three of these resorts without ever getting wet. Many people enjoy Disney resort hopping since it allows them to explore the stunning lobbies of these legendary resorts as well as visit their restaurants and stores. There are also frequent free events at resorts, and boarding the monorail is one of the finest ways to generate classic Disney memories. If you wish to stay fully indoors, Disney’s Contemporary is the best option, while the Grand Floridian and Disney’s Polynesian place a greater focus on outside pathways.

3. Take a seat and eat

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When it’s raining, there are lots of restaurants with table service to choose from. Every theme park has its own restaurant, as well as many selections in the resorts and in Disney Springs®. Many restaurants do require reservations, so try to plan ahead of time as much as possible (many people like to book a late lunch when they visit Disney in the summer during the rainy season, as the rain often comes in the afternoon). Even if you don’t have a reservation, there is always availability for walk-ups, especially at Disney Springs® and the resort restaurants.

4. Go to Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Lodge

When it rains, one of the best things to do at Walt Disney World® visits Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Lodge, where you can see all of the wildlife on the savanna from indoor observation spots. There are many other Animal Kingdom® Lodge things to enjoy, such as culinary tastings, cookie baking, and cultural events for children to allow them to learn about Africa and occasionally produce crafts. The stunning lobby is reason enough to go, and there’s enough to do inside until the weather passes. During the holiday season, the huge Christmas tree and magnificent decorations around the lobby will take your breath away.

5. Get in a Covered Line

Some Disney lines, or queues, such as Big Thunder Mountain or Space Mountain, are either totally indoors or covered from the weather with only the sides exposed. When it starts raining, they are excellent places to hide because it will have no effect on you or the trip. Guardians of the Galaxy is a nice one for this in EPCOT® (but not Test Track, as it shuts down in the rain because of the outdoor component of the ride). The Na’vi River Journey attraction is covert in Animal Kingdom® , and the majority of the wait for Rock N Rollercoaster and the Tower of Terror is inside at Hollywood Studios.

6. Attend a show or a longer attraction in the Parks

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Even if the outdoor thrill rides are shut, there are still lots of things to do in the Disney parks in the rain, such as watching a longer show or ride. The American Adventure is roughly 30 minutes long in EPCOT®, and the Carousel of Progress and the Hall of Presidents are both about 20 minutes long in Magic Kingdom® (30 minutes). There are indoor shows like Frozen and covered seating shows like Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular at Hollywood Studios. Instead of going to the shows while it’s sunny, go on the outside coasters when the sun is shining and keep the shows for when it pours.

7. Take the behind the seeds tour

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Consider the Behind the Seeds tour at EPCOT® if you have a cloudy day and are looking for something to do at Disney. This exclusive private tour of Epcot’s greenhouses is held indoors and is not influenced by the weather. A fantastic walking tour of some of the more advanced Disney agricultural and producing methods is fairly priced per person. This is a great choice for plant enthusiasts and Disney fans who want to see where most of the food for EPCOT® restaurants is grown and try to find the hidden Mickeys throughout the greenhouses.

8. Make your way to Jellyrolls on the Boardwalk


Another retail and entertainment zone, Disney’s Boardwalk, has a number of pubs and restaurants that will keep you out of the rain, the most popular of which is Jellyrolls. On a wet night, come here to get out of the downpour and enjoy the traditional sensation of dueling pianos. It is 21 and older, so it is more appropriate for an adult’s trip to Disney World, but it is one of the best things to do at Disney in the rain. The Boardwalk is outside, but if you’re planned on spending the night in Jellyrolls, perhaps starting with supper at the Flying Fish (an inside restaurant), you can still enjoy it without having to cancel your plans.

9. Have a drink or snack at a quick-service restaurant

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If you don’t want to wait for a table at a sit-down restaurant with servers, you may obtain a drink, snack, or small meal from a quick-service restaurant while you wait out the rain. Each park includes a variety of quick-service restaurants, and while some are outside, many are totally covered or inside, allowing you to avoid the weather. Cosmic Rays or Pinnochio Haus at Magic Kingdom®, the Nomad Lounge at Animal Kingdom®, the food court at EPCOT‘s Land Pavilion, and the ABC Commissary at Hollywood Studios are among the options.

10. View the fireworks from the Contemporary Resort

What should you do if it starts pouring during the fireworks at Walt Disney World®? Do you get soaked when you stand out in the rain? No way! If the fireworks are still going off but it’s too wet to wait outside (and they’ll do all they can to keep them going), go from the Magic Kingdom® to the Contemporary resort and proceed to the walkway between the main Contemporary tower and Bay Lake Tower. If you don’t want the walk, you may take a bus or boat from the Magic Kingdom® to the Contemporary, with the bus being better in severe rain because the boat may not be working.

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Enjoy your vacation rental

You can always return to your vacation rental for the afternoon. Many Casiola vacation homes include pools where you may swim in the rain while protected by a lanai, and many of the rentals offer gaming rooms or board games, and they all have flat-screen TVs to keep rainy days entertained. All of the homes are conveniently located near Walt Disney World®, so you’ll be back at the park in no time!

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