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10 amazing things to do in Aruba

What's going on in Aruba?
Planning your trip to Aruba but you’re not sure what to do? We will make sure you get the most out of your vacation. Book your Aruba vacation home online to guarantee an unforgettable stay but make sure you don’t spend too much time inside, as Aruba truly is the perfect place to relax and unwind and has a lot of amazing things to do.

10. Natural pool

natural pool
Picture source: Visit Aruba

The Natural Pool “Conchi”, is one of the most unique places in the world for swimming and snorkeling. It’s surrounded by volcanic rock and is located on the east coast of Aruba. There are two ways to get to Natural Pool, if you want to add some adventure to your vacation, book a 4×4 Jeep or UTV Tour to drive out to the pool. The roads can be a little tricky so don’t underestimate it. The other way is to drive to Daimari Beach and hike to the pool from there.

9. Discover the natural wonders

natural bridge
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Aruba is blessed with an abundance of nature, experience the natural wonders of Aruba. 

Explore 8 natural bridges, slowly carved away by thousands of years of pounding waves against the limestone cliffs, or climb the 550-plus steps to the top of Hooiberg – Aruba’s iconic mountain peak forged by ancient volcanoes – for the most beautiful panoramic view. Visit Arikok National Park, where you will find Fountain Caves, well known for its brownish-red Arawak pictographs etched by the Amerindians and found on the cave’s walls and ceiling and the Natural Pool – two of the most pristine and unforgettable wonders you will ever see.

8. Luxury picnic

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Do you have something to celebrate, want to have a romantic moment with the most beautiful sunset ever? Enjoy a delicious picnic with bubbles, fresh food, and fruit with perfect matching music in the background. Then you should plan this unique luxury picnic by Picnic Aruba. Whether it’s your birthday, an engagement, a girls night, or just a nice night out, there’s always an excuse for a picture-perfect picnic on the beach.

7. Jolly Pirates

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Travel as pirates did on an unforgettable half-day cruise from Aruba. Combine a sightseeing cruise, a bit of history, and the opportunity to snorkel and enjoy Aruba’s colorful marine life. Onboard the pirate ship, you’ll find everything you need for a great adventure. Enjoy the all-inclusive open bar experience or tasty barbecue.

6. Submarine adventures


Climb aboard the Atlantis submarine to explore Aruba’s underwater world, an activity that is suitable for young and old. A ride on this U.S. Coast Guard-certified submarine takes you 40 meters below the Caribbean sea, where you can view the unique Barcadera Reef, several shipwrecks, and Aruba’s famous marine life.

5. Jeep tour


Aruba’s most popular natural attractions are not always found on the well-traveled paths. Join a 4×4 off-road jeep tour to discover the best and most beautiful exotic places on the island that are not always accessible by car or bus. Spend time at Baby BeachNatural PoolNatural Bridge, and many more. Wear your swimsuit and pack a towel, sunblock, sunglasses, … we take care of snorkeling equipment for those who want to explore the waters.

4. UTV tour

UTV Off Road Adventure
Picture source: De Palm Tours

Discover Aruba’s flora and fauna through an exciting UTV adventure. This extreme tour is both an adventure and an exhilarating journey through the desert and rugged coastline of the island. This is the best way to explore Aruba!

3. De Palm Island

DSC03645 copy

Start your Caribbean vacation at The Palm Island, an all-inclusive destination with flamingos, a water park, and much much more. Enjoy the buffet and snack bar, sip soft drinks, frozen cocktails, and beer on tap, and enjoy a wide range of included activities. You can choose from full or half days. And don’t forget to take a picture with the flamingos!

2. Island tour

island tour
Picture source: De Palm Tours

Tour the island of Aruba and see the main sights and must-see attractions on this guided, comprehensive tour. Ideal for first-time visitors or those with little time to spend on the island. This tour visits sites such as Baby Beach, the Bushiribana gold mine ruins, a historic bar, the aloe vera factory, and local rock formations. 

1. Snorkel & sail trips


This is our favorite activity in Aruba. Relax and enjoy a wonderful cruise along Aruba’s sandy beaches in calm, clear waters. During the cruise take in the panoramic views of the coastline from the comfort of the large, shaded decks of the Palm Pleasure. Watching the sun disappear in the water is an unforgettable experience. Breathe in the scent of sea salt and enjoy the constant breeze. During your snorkel stops, admire the shipwrecks, the beautiful coral reefs, and the colorful marine life. This will for sure be the highlight of your trip.

If you are ready to explore everything the island has to offer and learn more about Aruba’s fascinating and unique past, you can book your rental property with Casiola Aruba online. Enjoy a beautiful pool and jacuzzi, relax under the beautiful palapas, kick back on the comfortable furniture and enjoy your little piece of paradise.

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